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The Kerstin Florian Story

Growing up in her native Sweden, Kerstin saw firsthand the connections between mind and body, energy and health, earth and well-being, and she knew that it all began with nature. Inspired by outer beauty as a reflection of inner health and into a holistic approach to well-being the connection with Arctic Bath was totally genuine and right. The encouraging of the four cornerstones of wellness is proper nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind and care of the face and body.

With Arctic Bath, with their cold bath, the nature and heritage we could find that link using all your senses being here it will guide you to the ultimate state of wellness. Kerstin also believes that creating an environment of uplifting colors, sounds, tastes and smells will also provide relief from stress and greatly add to the energy of spa guests. The result should be to come away refreshed, experiencing a release of tension and an expansion of awareness.

Arctic Bath with the cultural heritage, sustainable and Scandinavian touch matches Kerstin Florians way of wellness lifestyle.

Kerstin Florian learnt about the use of traditional herbs during a trip to Northern Sweden and has been highlighting the Swedish herbs in her collection of products. The menu is designed with treatments that embody the best of nature, spa and technology to inspire a shared commitment to wellness and Arctic Bath.

Indulge in various spa treatments in the private treatment room, ranging from massages to facials to body treatments.

Natural Ingredients. Advanced Formulations. Beautiful Results.

Kerstin Florian curated collection of facial cosmetics fuses beneficial actives and natural ingredients with breakthrough formulations and professional performance, natural ingredients.