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Moose calling in bear country

An alluring adventure with the King of the Forest and the Moose Whisperer. Mikael has over 30 years of calling experience and is able to summon the moose really close by impersonating a range of elk. We mainly aim for bull moose, but also cow moose with or without calves. If we are lucky, we might spot one of the bears of the forestland, attracted by the moose calls. We call as we stealthily move through the forest or from a spotting tower. The tower is accessible for mobility disabled.

Please remember

  • No perfume
  • No aftershave
  • No noisy clothing
  • Dress according to the weather

16 Sept – 18 Oct 2020, 2 times a day, 07.00 and 13.30 local time. Ca 4 hours

Guide, moose spotting, transfer, light meal and coffee/tea by open fire.

1-2 persons

These activities are carried out on nature’s own terms, with no guarantee of what we will see or experience.