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Cold baths are part of Swedish Lapland’s culture, helping to ease sore and aching muscles, aid the central nervous system and limit the inflammatory response, especially in combination with the heat of a sauna. To extend this we recommend Sauna Gus for you.

The scent of the essential oils, the music, different rhythmical movements of a towel and the motions of the Sauna Gus hostess combine to create a magical and one of a kind experience.

The ritual, which is truly entertaining, takes about 30-40min The heat rises constantly throughout the performance. You can leave the sauna at any time if the heat becomes too intense, but the complete experience is worth it. Challenge yourself to stay until the end.

Cancel 30 days prior to arrival, at the 30 day mark we require a full prepayment. If cancelled after 30 days prior to arrival, there is no refund