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The exclusive Arctic experience for all your senses

A combined tour that enables you to take part in two of the most genuine experiences in Swedish Lapland. This very exclusive full day tour to Sami reindeer owner Anna and wild herb expert Eva gives you the opportunity to get really close to the Sami culture as well as the healing nature. 

This is as far away from crowds and big group guided tours as you can get. You will have a unique meeting separately with two passionate women living close to nature, inviting you to their homes and lives. Anna Kuhmunen will pick you up and guide you to the Sámi camp where some of her family’s reindeer are waiting. Take the opportunity to learn everything you wish to know about todays and yesterday’s life of reindeer herders and Sámi culture. In Anna’s lávvu (tent house), you will be served a traditional lunch prepared over the open fire. After helping Anna feed the reindeer and having a close encounter with the beautiful animals, you will listen to her stories and joiks (traditional way of Sámi singing) close by the fire.

Anna will then bring you to the small town of Jokkmokk (sometimes referred to as the Sámi capitol of Sweden) where Eva will exclusively invite you to her home. Eva Gunnare’s home is filled with foraged wild herbs and berries that is her passion and expertise. Eva has for the last 10 years probed deeply into the local wild green larder, getting to know natures’ all benefits as well as traditional use. You will spend the afternoon learning more about edible and healthy Arctic plants. Eva will take you for a short walk in to the forest and down to the stream nearby her house, bringing her basket filled with pure flavors for you to taste. After the walk you will be warmed by the fire in the kitchen with homemade herbal teas and more tasty bits, listening to stories and healing songs. You will be brought back to Arctic Bath by Eva in time for dinner and relax, fulfilled with impressions, new knowledge and the feeling of having two new friends.

This tour is perfect for you who want to get a deeper understanding of the culture and nature of the area as well as connecting with local knowledgeable people living the Arctic lifestyle.

Details about this activity

  • Time: 10.00-17.00 (10 am-5 pm)
  • Min 2 persons– max 4 persons
  • Price 3 675 SEK/person