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An oasis of wellness and design, floating in the heart of Swedish Lapland

Situated under the northern lights in winter, and the midnight sun during the summer months, Arctic Bath is a unique hotel and spa experience that welcomes guests to immerse themselves in the elements while leaving a minimal environmental footprint behind.

Summer/Autumn season 2021 from June 17 thru to October 17 from Thursday’s to Sunday’s Winter Season 21-22 from November 19, 2021 thru to April 18, 2022 all days of the week. Please contact for any reservations requests.

Experience our food

Our restaurant focuses on local, pure and sustainable produce. Prepared set menus by our chefs are served in a Scandinavian designed setting, setting the tone for your evening.

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Our story

The idea of a floating sauna on Lule River first came about in 2010. Today, Arctic Bath is a modern reminder of our northern heritage – bringing an old timber tradition into the world of in luxury wellness.

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Swedish arctic massage

Intensive treatment for tired and stiff muscles. In consultation with your therapist, the treatment is adapted to your own needs and problem areas combined with stretching and rocking.

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How to get here

There are different ways of transfer between the airport or the trainstation. We will provide a solution that works for you. Private transfer, VIP transfer or helicopter. You choose.


Take a cold bath

Coldbaths are part of our history in this northernmost region. Often taken together with a warm sauna, the coldbaths can help ease sore and aching muscles. Some say it helps your central nervous system and limit the inflammatory response. Most of all we have always done it and it simply feels good. We would like you to try it and decide for yourself. Maybe you will also love it as much as we do.

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The Spa with good end the bath tonic. And most of all, we really appreciate the amazing food of Chef David. That was absolutely perfect.
We appreciated the location and the fact the accommodation and the site are unique. This is a truly exceptional experience.
We felt that it was unique property and experience, underpinned by exceptional service and the room was also a real surprise – it was far more spacious and comfortable than we had thought based on the pictures we have seen.
Very friendly staff, a beautifully laid out hotel, great staff and procedures at the wellness area and the guss (both days were great), delicious food and a good offering of activities.
Bottom line is that we would love to return to Arctic bath and would recommend it to anyone interested-and actually have done so already. Overall, we have had a great stay.
Service was very good. The food were amazing. The rooms were soooo nice. We will definitely return and for more than one night. 😊
We really enjoyed the room on the water. We thought the details were great and everything was comfortable. We also appreciated the bathing suits/robes that were provided. Our favorite part (and the purpose for visiting) was the spa itself. We loved it. It was everything we could have hoped for. Overall, we thought the staff was excellent and everything was as you'd expect from a small luxury hotel.
Loved the lodge with it's high ceiling and the large open spaces, the light and nordic design, the thought behind every detail, the bathroom itself (happy to have enjoyed a bath very early in the morning while the family was still sleeping) and off cause the magnificent view. The staff were so friendly and personal and made us feel most welcome to your place.
We think everyone in the staff was great. Professional and they all met us with great enthusiasm. We made a lot of good friends this time like your team, the spa and accommodation are great, and we experienced the darkness and cold spa, they will always in our memories! So overall it's been an absolutely brilliant experience.

Experience Swedish Lapland

Winter is on its way and for the northern reaches of Sweden that means snow – lots and lots of snow. While tourists were once scared away by the chilly temperatures, which regularly drop below -15°c, winter is now the region’s peak season.

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