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Floating on Lule river

Experience the warm bright summer nights under the midnight sun

Summer at Arctic Bath is a unique experience. In the summer months we are floating in Lule river and you are very welcome to join us!

The enchanting midnight sun

As we move into the summer months, Sweden's northernmost region gets rewarded for lasting through the darker winter months. From late May to the middle of July, the sun shines 24 hours a day. Between sunset and sunrise, the midnight sun radiates a magical glow from just below the horizon, and at Arctic Bath, you're right in the middle of this dazzling phenomenon. Ever wanted to go for a midnight swim when it's still light outside, and all you can hear is the sleepy wildlife and your own movement? Now's your chance.

A Paddle in the River

There is plenty of beautiful places around the hotel to go for walks or hikes and at the Front Desk you may rent one of our canoes or Stand Up Paddle boards and go for a paddle up the river. 

We also offer a variety if activities during summer

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Private access to the river

Sleep on the river in one of our floating Water cabins. The deck in the back is the perfect spot for a morning or midnight swim.

Embedded among the birches

Stay in one of our Land Suites or Land Cabin among the trees with a panoramic view over the river.

Lapland Husky

Go for Self-Drive Cart Tour in the breeze of the evening or Visit the Husky Home to meet the dogs.

Lapland Husky

Wild Edible Plants

Eva will teach you everything about homemade herbal teas and some powerful and pure healthy products that you may find/create with what is available in the wilderness up north.

Wild Edible Plants

Fishing in private lake

Spend time in a private lake surrounded by forest in the company of our Sapmi guide that will teach you everything you need to know to catch a fish for lunch!


Nature Hike

Go for a hike in the forest and immerse yourself in the stunning nature of the region and learn about the Sámi culture, animals, and the local way of life.

Nature Hike