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Swedish Lapland

Sometimes referred to as Northern Europe's last remaining wilderness. The natural landscape is just outside our doors and it offers new experiences every day.


Having late sunrises and early sunsets during the winter months makes an incredible contrast to the the summers midnight sun, Swedish Lapland is truly one of a kind.


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Try the Arctic Getaways

As a member of this unique hotel collection we can help you arrange an unforgettable and tailormade stay.

Brändön Lodge - Amidst stunning arctic landscapes and the Luleå Archipelago just outside your window.

Sápmi Nature – Learn about the true life and culture of the indigenous Sami people in a personal, small-scale and sustainable way.

Tree Hotel - Staying up among the tall trees in the pine forest of Northern Sweden has never been so easy.

Arctic Retreat – Eco-Lodges, high-quality experiences, all at this small scale river side location.

Aurora Safari Camp - Wild, peaceful and remote on the forest hill with absolute solitude next to the Råne River

Sörbyn Lodge  - Free waters, endless forests, vast wetlands and treeless mountains.

The Outpost – Go and explore the vast woodland area around the Arctic Circle.

The northern lights

Best viewed during the August – March period, the northern lights colour the skies of Swedish Lapland. Arctic Bath is ideally placed for experiencing this natural phenomenon, also known as the Aurora Borealis, which fascinates and attracts both visitors and explorers from all over the world. All you need is clear skies and warm clothes before heading out on your light excursion.

A unique destination

Discover the many year-round nature experiences, from snowclad forests and starry nights to explosive autumn colours and chirping birds. And of course, one of our favourites – when the region’s flora and fauna are being gently awaken by the early sunrays of spring.

Or why not immerse yourself in the many culture experiences Swedish Lapland has on hand? Go dogsledding under the Aurora Borealis, try out the local and sustainable foods, learn the history and legends of the Sámi or just find yourselves some calm in our beautiful nature.

Either way, we’ll all make sure that you’ll feel right at home.