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When the sun shines stronger and slowly brings the warmth back again.

After a long winter season the sun shines higher and stronger. The warmth feeling of the sun slowly melts the snow and the landscape starts to reveal again.


Did you know that up north we consider 1 more season?

The locals call it Spring-winter.

In the months of March and April, as the sun begins to make its presence known, gently warming the days while temperatures remain relatively low, it marks the initial hint of Spring's arrival.

It's that initial spring instant when the flowers have yet to bloom, but the snow melts, allowing the soil to bask in the rejuvenating touch of the sun.

As May arrives and the snow has vanished, the landscape undergoes a vibrant transformation, bursting to life once more with lush greenery.


Horseback Riding

Horseback riding at an old Swedish family farm through the white lanscape.

Horseback Riding

Arctic Herbs Workshop

Forage Swedish Lapland with herb expert Eva Gunnare and make your own herbal tea and ointment.

Locally & Sustainable ways

Meet a Moose & Reindeer

An unique and private wildlife encounter with moose and reindeer.

Meet a Moose & Reindeer

A walk at Storforsen

Experience the majestic river landscape of Storforsen Nature Reserve, home to Northern Europe’s most voluminous rapid, which flows even during extreme cold.

A walk at Storforsen