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All tours are subject to availability and should be prebooked at

Prices valid between June 2024 - April 2025

For private tours, 2 would pay for 3.
Children under 12 have a 50% discount.

Note that some tours have separate terms for their Child and Private prices.



We change activities with the seasons. The guides come up with various adventures for our guests, year round, and we update our Activity List regularly. Read more about the activities above. 

If you would like to wonder around Arctic Bath there is also plenty of places you may explore by yourself!

We have Stand Up Paddle Boards and Canoes to rent at the Front Desk if you would like to go for a paddle up the river and plenty of beautiful places around the hotel to go for walks or hikes. 

Northern Lights

Best viewed during the August – March period, the northern lights colour the skies of Swedish Lapland. You may see this natural phenomenon, also known as the Aurora Borealis, from Arctic Bath as the hotel is ideally placed under the northern sky. The Aurora fascinates and attracts both visitors and explorers from all over to this corner of the world.

All you need is clear skies and warm clothes before heading out!



Just up the hill from Arctic Bath, nestled among the trees, lies something spectacular and the perfect combination to prolong your stay, Treehotel. Wake up to a spectacular view of Lule river from one of seven treehouses, suspended 4–10 meters of the ground. Each treehouse is beautifully designed and have all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay.


Soar down 16 different slopes or try one of the cross-country ski trails at Storklinten and only a 15-minute car ride from Arctic Bath. Since 1967, this popular nature reserve has attracted both locals and tourists, beginners and veterans, all year round and is the perfect complement to our hotel. If you’re looking for an adventure for the day and to challenge your body and soul, ask us for ski passes.



Storforsen rapids are the most voluminous in Europe. In the winter you may see the water skirting the ice that emerge on top of some rocks and in the summer you may enjoy the small pools that are naturally created in the Nature Reserve. There is plenty of little trails to follow at the Nature Reserve between the forest and Pite river where you may also stop for a fire in one of many of the fire pits available.

Visit Jokkmokk


A small town located north of the Arctic circle, 60min driving from Arctic Bath. Jokkmokk is full of ancient history of the Sami culture and it is a lovely place to visit on a warm summer day or during cold winter days.  


Ájtte Museum

A museum dedicated to the indigenous Sámi culture in northern Scandinavia. The museum showcases artifacts, exhibitions, and information related to Sámi handicrafts, clothing, tools, and their nomadic way of life.

Alpine Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is dedicated to the flora of the Swedish mountains, particularly the plants that thrive in alpine and subarctic environments. The garden is situated on the slopes of Áhkká, a small mountain near Jokkmokk, and it offers a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

The Old Pharmacy

Jokkmokks old Pharmacy a time capsule taking you back to it's old glory days and also showing local arts and crafts that you can buy and take home as a memory of your visit.

C/O Gerd

Care of Gerd is a local Jokkmokk company, all our skincare products and SPA treatments comes from them and we are grateful for the work they put in to making these products and rituals. If you have the chance, do visit their shop when you are in Jokkmokk, and learn more about their story and work.

Krog Lokal

A local pub and restaurant that is prefect for a lunch stop or why not book a table for dinner and enjoy a meal at this central and charming restaurant

Peace & Quiet 

If you wish to spend a night in Jokkmokks outdoor scenery and rediscover yourself in nature. Connect with the silence and depth that the world holds for us.

NOTE: Please always check opening schedules and prebook tours/meals if necessary while planning your visits.

Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland