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A taste of the Arctic

Local, pure and sustainable products set the tone for the evening in our Scandinavian designed restaurant.

After a full day relaxing at the spa or experiencing one of our many outdoor activities, you may want to end your day with a fine dining experience at our restaurant. 

Prebook Lunch and Dinner

Prebook your Lunch and Dinner for the evening when booking your stay with us and inform about allergies and food restrictions so that our chefs can carefully plan the set menus inspired by our natural surroundings and local products.

Our Chef will do his best to accommodate your dietary requests.

NOTE: Arctic Bath can not guarantee alternative meals when noticed less than 72h in advance. 

Arctic Bath Food Concept

Immersed in Norrbotten, the Arctic Bath chefs possess a profound understanding of its culinary heritage. With reverence for tradition and a fiery passion for innovation, we embark on a unique gastronomic odyssey.

Inspired by the region's guarded secrets, we weave a palette to capture its essence. From winter's snow-cloaked landscapes to whispering forests and mirror-like lakes in summer, every element finds its place. In the realm of gastronomic marvels, nature becomes a cherished collaborator.

With a modern twist that ignites the imagination, the local ingredients harmonize to create a symphony of flavors. At Arctic Bath, guests embark on a culinary journey where each bite transports them deep into the heart of Norrbotten's wild beauty.

A taste of the Arctic

White Guide

Our restaurant is pleased to announce that we were selected to be part of the White Guide!

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Our restaurant is open to our guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Opening hours:

Breakfast: 08:00 - 10:00.

Lunch: 12:00 - 13:30.

Dinner: Always to be confirmed by the Front Desk. 


As our facilities were designed to have small, cosy and intimate spaces we may only accept external guests for lunch and dinner when the hotel is not fully booked with overnight guests. 

If you are looking into booking lunch or dinner as an external guest, we kindly ask you to contact the front desk at Arctic Bath 7 days prior to the date at +46928 70 30 41.