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Arctic Bath SPA

We like to go beyond

Our SPA Experience

In our experience beauty is not about the extrinsic, but has everything to do with our own inner experiences and the natural beauty resides in the authentic meeting with the tranquility and tuning in to our bodies own rhythm.

Surrounded by a landscape with ancient knowledge of the healing forces of nature you are invited to evoke a deeper connection to the natural world within and outside you, meanwhile relish our spa including dry sauna, steam sauna, jacuzzi and a dip in Julevädno, Luleå river in Sami.

Embrace yourself with a grounding spa treatment, inspired by natures simplicity and elegance using organic and sustainable products with berries from the nordic wilderness.

By honoring the ancient healing wisdom of nature, deepening our connection to our own inner beauty, and supporting sustainable practices, our spa offers a holistic approach to health and wellness that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit.

Welcome to a deeper meaning of being truly nourished!