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In our region you can visit nature reserves, see exceptional rapids and visit world heritage Laponia, Jokkmokk or Gammelstad Church Town.

A region of mesmerizing contrasts, where the beauty of nature meets the rich cultural heritage of the Arctic. This is a land of extremes, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for those seeking both adventure and tranquility.

Gammelstad Church Town

Experience the historical atmosphere of the medieval stone church and explore the charming streets and the wooden houses at this World Heritage site.

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The UNESCO World Heritage Laponia, Covering 9,400 square kilometres, it encompasses national parks, nature reserves, stunning landscapes, diverse flora, and fauna. Laponia is a living testament to sustainable coexistence between nature and human traditions.

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Storforsen Nature Reserve

Storforsen has the biggest rapids in Europe as they stretch over a distance of 5 km. The strength of the water is so great that even in the coldest days of the winter the water keeps flowing among the icy rocks. Surrounded by walking trails and fire pits this is the perfect place to discover both in winter or summer. At the bottom of the rapids you will find Storforsen Hotel where you may drop in for a wonderful lunch with the view to the waterfall.

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Many have heard of the Jokkmokk Market but not many have been to this cultural gem in the north of Sweden that offers an remarkable insight to the history of the Sami People.

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Northern Lights

Interested in learning more about the extraordinary Aurora Borealis? Where, when and how to find it, look in here for all you need to know.

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Storklinten Skiing Station

Storklinten has something for everyone, beginner to veteran. Here you can try cross country, downhill skiing, snowmobiling and an amazing outdoors life, all year around. At Storklinten you are able to rent all the equipment for your preferred activity.

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Discover the Region

Swedish Lapland is an extraordinary place year-round. Imagine landscapes that shift from snowy expanses to lush greenery, creating a dynamic canvas of natural wonders. This region, covering a quarter of Sweden's northern reaches, is a playground for those seeking authentic, close to nature adventures and tranquility.

Swedish Lapland