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Here are some of our more frequently asked questions. But if you can’t find what you are looking for – don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  • Question 1: Are we still able to make bookings from Dec 2019?
  • Answer: We have open bookings from January 2020 to February 2021. As soon as we can guarantee exact opening date we will move the openings closer to actual opening date. This is so that we can 100 % guarantee guests that we are open.
  • Question 2: What is Arctic Bath?
  • Answer: Our hotel is a new kind of floating hotel and spa focusing on wellness. We embrace the local coldbath culture with warming and relaxing saunas. Our focus is the 4 cornerstones of wellness, Proper Nutrition, Regular Exercise, Peace of Mind and Care of the Face & Body. Our guests come from all around the world, they are well traveled and enjoys pure nature, clean air, design, good food and wellness. 
  • Question 3: Will all hotel guests have access to the coldbath, sauna within the room rate?
  • Answer: All guests will have access to the sauna and coldbath during Spa opening hours. 

  • Question 4: Are Spa treatments included in the stay?
  • Answer: This is not included but you can book a number of spa treatments with one of our spa terapeuts when staying at Arctic Bath for an extra cost. To be guaranteed a Spa treatment during your stay we highly recommended you to book this before your visit.
  • Question 5: What kind of food do you serve at your hotel?

  • Answer: Our chefs will serve a set menu based on local, eco and fresh.

  • Question 6: What about Room Policy?

  • Answer: Check in time from 15.00 (3 pm), unless your room is available earlier. Checkout Time is 11.00 (11 am) We have terms and conditions available for bookings.

  • Question 7: Whats the closest airport to Arctic Bath?
  • Answer: The closest airport is Luleå Airport and it is 1.15 h drive by transfer to Arctic Bath. We can book a private transfer to and from Arctic Bath either by car or by helicopter.
  • Question 8: Can we buy a voucher?
  • Answer: Yes, email us at and we will help you.
  • Question 9: Can we book the whole hotel private?
  • Answer: Yes, of course. Prices are available on request.