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Wild Herb Cooking Class

Step into Eva's workshop in the serene village of Lassbyn, surrounded by lush forests. Eva, a knowledgeable nature guide and expert in herbs and foraging, warmly welcomes you. The space is adorned with dried herbs, vibrant flowers, and jars of colorful spices and syrups, each telling a story of nature's treasures.

Seated around the table, Eva shares her expertise on wild edibles, from fragrant herbs to juicy berries and aromatic flowers. With hands-on demonstrations, she teaches you to transform these ingredients into culinary delights, infusing each creation with the essence of the landscape.

Amidst laughter and song, you indulge in a traditional Swedish fika, savoring freshly baked pastries, herbal teas and rich coffee. With hearts and minds enriched, you bid farewell, carrying a deeper connection to nature and a newfound appreciation for its offerings.


  • Wild herb expert & experienced forage & culture guide
  • Foraged herbs & berries
  • Homemade Tea & fika
  • Lunch can be added to this tour
2500 SEK p/person
Children under 12yo pay 50% the adult price. 
Lunch is 350 SEK p/person, should you wish to add this to the tour please book accordingly.

Duration: 3 hours. 3,5 hours including lunch.
Time to be confirmed with the guide upon availability.

Departure: Available year round start in November 2024

Min/Max: 2-6 persons

Transfer: 1 hour drive from Arctic Bath.
From 2990 SEK per way.


All Activities needs to be prebooked at

Cancellations less than 14 days prior to arrival leads to 100% cancellation fee