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Kayaking in Luleå River

Join our guided tours for a wonderful 3-hour or 5-hour paddle along the historic Luleå River under the warm sun.

Relax at a leisurely pace, enjoy a stop ashore with a fika or light lunch prepared by an experienced guide over an open fire. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the river and create unforgettable memories on this tranquil adventure




  • Drinks and a Swedish fika
  • Lighter outdoor lunch - on the longer tour
  • NOTE: Lunch is only served on the 5h tour.


3h: 2350 SEK/person including VAT.

5h: 3100 SEK/person including VAT. 

2-7 pers.



Transfer from Hotel at 10.00

Transfer is included for 1 – 7 persons.

Not suitable for children under 13 yo. 

Safety Licensed whitewater guides.

NOTE: These activities are carried out on nature’s own terms, with no guarantee of what we will see or experience.

You may rent rain clothes from the guide at a cost of 500 SEK.



All Activities needs to be prebooked at

Cancellations less than 14 days prior to arrival leads to 100% cancellation fee