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Lapland Husky Adventures

Summer & Fall At Lapland Husky 


Visit Husky Home
09:30 or 13:00 - 750 SEK pp.
Transfer from 1170 SEK

Meet the huskies for 2h and get a chance to see the equipment we use on the winter
tours. To work with sled dogs is not regular work, it is a lifestyle! On this short visit we will show and explain to you all about the life and the passion to work together with sled dogs.

Min/Max: 2-6 persons

Self-Drive Cart Tour 
09:30 or 13:00 - 2200 SEK pp.
Transfer from 1170 SEK

For 3h get a glimpse and be part of the preseason training and preparation for the dogs to get prepared for the winter session and the longer tours. There are hundreds of hours spent on training to just make the dogs ready for the winter tours. With this activity you have the possibility to get close behind the scene and be a part of the preparation.

Min/Max: 2-4 persons



  • Transfer 30 minutes


Transfer needs to be booked separately

These are animals you're visiting, please respect their boundaries and listen to the guide.


All Activities needs to be prebooked at

Cancellations less than 14 days prior to arrival leads to 100% cancellation fee