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A taste of the Arctic

At Our Restaurant

Indulge in locally sourced, sustainable and sophisticated Arctic cuisine. Explore traditional dishes that our Chef artfully redefines, infusing it with a contemporary flair, in a tranquil northern setting.

Local products used at Arctic Bath include dairy products, local honey, wild meats, fish, fresh herbs and berries from the surrounding nature in Norrbotten. All the meat and fish we serve at the hotel comes from the wild, so there are no traces of pesticides or antibiotics.

Breakfast is served with a selection of homemade breads, charcuterie and cheese from nearby, fresh fruits and vegetables and a la carte dishes.
For lunch, the Chef prepares light meals based on northern classics that the guests may choose from an a la carte menu.
For dinner in our intimate restaurant, our skilled chefs offer an exceptional elegant dining experience.

The Arctic Culinary Experience:
A dinner option with three set menus that rotate every evening.
This option can be customized to accommodate guests' allergies and dietary needs such as vegetarian and vegan if we are notified in advance.

Head Chef David Staf

Our Head chef David Staf has found his inspiration from the history and landscape of the north. Through his years spent working in the Norrbotten region, David has carefully gathered recipes from family and friends going back generations.

He has created the concept of the Arctic Bath kitchen based on these authentic traditional dishes brought into the present times, by combining them with his own fresh creative ideas and modern cooking techniques. His vision is to work together with nature and the elements to provide a food experience that is both nourishing and exhilarating.